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Picture Book:
"Happy Halloween"

Target Grade: Kindergarten - Lower Elementary
Target English: Look, there's a .... + Halloween Words

Here's another picture book for you. This time linked in with the "Happy Halloween" theme.

You can read the picture book above by clicking the lower right corner, great to tell your students for homework, or if you are a member of the CD owners club, there's a special printable version just for you:

Happy Halloween Picture Book - Download ( .pdf format 370 Kb)

As this picture book links so closely with the song there are two ways you can use it.

1) Teach the Song + Game as usual, then in the next lesson use the picture book as a reward.
The advantage here is that the kids learn the English using the song and game and are then thrilled that they can completely understand a storybook completely in English. It's a big motivation boost! Do the first lesson as usual ( warm up, song, game), then review the song plus a new game in the second lesson, and finish on the book. It's a nice mellow end to the lesson. The important point here is NOT to translate the story.

2) Or use the book to introduce the English, then do the song and game

The advantage here is that the kids learn the words at a much slower pace, which is good for very young kids or classes where you have lots and lots of time. The disadvantage is that you'll have to translate at least the first few of the pages, and it takes away the fun of the story and the joy of using English in a real life setting ( i.e. understanding an English book).

As usual with Halloween, viewer discretion is advised. In the first few pages the kids will probably shout out "That's not scary!" ( "Kowakunai!" in Japanese). But the Pumpkin and Monster can be very, very scary indeed and sometimes a bit too much for very young kids. As long as they don't completely freak out, they'll be back to their happy selves when they see the final punchline !

As with the other picture books the key is to read them with drama & passion.

As usual if you have any comments, good or bad, please let me know and you might just motivate me to write some more picture books!

Be genki,


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