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Planet Eigo : Elementary / Junior High/ Senior High School Games & Ideas Book

Planet Eigo is now SOLD OUT

- but do enjoy the Junior/Senior High Games here!

Planet Eigo

You've got a classroom with 40 students and an English lesson to teach. You've got confidence and a college degree. But - gasp! You find you haven't a clue of where to begin. Not to worry, Planet Eigo to the rescue!

Brought to you by AJET, the Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching, this 300-page behemoth is a compilation of Junior & Senior High plus Elementary School teaching ideas from your fellow JETs expressly for when your JTE approaches you five minutes before class with a grave expression and an inquiry: "So, do you have a game?"

The editors have taken the great qualities from past publications and have added some invaluable elements: including nearly 100 pages of detailed explanations on Team Teaching, Learning Theory, Instructional Planning and Elementary Schools. Activities also include an easy-to-read summary table, recommended target grade/age, and estimated time duration.

Planet Eigo has got it all. Plus, it's also fully bilingual, JTLs and ALTs can easily pick out great lesson activities and sail through pre-lesson planning. Add in the simple adaptability of activities, and your possibilities for lesson planning are endless. Don't wait, get this book today!

4,200 Yen + P&P

We can also provide official school receipts, ask your school to ring Mrs Abe in Japanese on 0898-48-0256 and she'll sort everything out for you.

(Due to the weight of the book, and as half of it is written in Japanese, we can only supply it in Japan at the moment)