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NEW: To practise the Vocab from this song, try the Genki Christmas Song!

Reindeer Race Game!

Target Grade:1-6
2 paper cut out Reindeer with magnets on the back


This is a method of counting how many points teams have in a game. It is similar to the Ski Game or the Banana Tree Game , but a bit more Seasonal!

1. Draw a "Reindeer Race Track" on the board from right to left. Have two lanes and several "markers" along the track (eight markers will last about 20 minutes).

2. Have two cut out Reindeers and place them on the start line. The two cards should be two different colours (e.g. red and blue)

3. Assign the kids to either red or blue teams. (I do this by starting with the kid at the near left corner of the room and saying "you are blue". Then "You are red" to the next kid, etc.)

4. Say "Red team stand up". Just to make sure everyone remembers what team they're on!

5 Play something like the Ball and Music Game or Syllable Game to select a student.

6. If they are correct their Reindeer moves one space along the track towards the finish.

7. When they reach the "Goal" they've won!!!

If time is getting short then make each question worth 2 points instead of one.

Also, why not try the Banana Tree Game, but with the teams climbing up a chimney!


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