Game in Japanese

Simon Says Please!

Level: Kindergarten to Adults
Target English: Verbs ( see "What are you doing?")

Most of you will have heard of the game "Simon Says". If the teacher says "Simon says stand up", the kids stand up. But if the teacher only says "stand up", without the "Simon says" part then the kids shouldn't stand up!

But in real life, how often do you say to someone "Simon says get me a drink."? The reply would probably "Eh? Go get your own!" So a much better way is to use the word please. If the teacher says "Stand up please", the kids stand up. If there is no please, the kids shouldn't do it! What a great way to get kids into the habit of being polite!

The best part of this is to say "Smile please". Then try "Smile" (with no please), if the kids smile they are out. Go round the class and check the kids. Even the toughest, meanest kid will eventually break out into a big smile!

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