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Newspaper Sumo!

Target language: Anything!
Target grade: All!

This is a good game that was mentioned in Joel's page a while back, but not on the main page till now!  The beauty of this game is that the kids love to play it themselves in their free time! It's played with two people at a time!@

1. Place a sheet of newspaper on the floor.

2. One kid stands on the edge of the paper. The other kid stands on the other side. Their backs are facing each other.

3. The teacher (or another kid!) asks a question (e.g. "How old are you?", "What's this?" etc.)

4. The first kid to answer correctly takes one half step back.

5. Repeat from 3 until....

6. When their feet touch, they stop. The teacher says "Go!" and without turning round they have to push the other player off the newspaper!! Just like the real game of Sumo, the first person to touch any part of the ground outside of the "ring" (or newspaper) loses!

This is a cool game. When kids play it on their own, they sometimes say questions like "What's ringo in English?". (The answer is apple by the way!)

You can play the game with as few as 2 kids, or set up several games in one class.

Obviously make sure the kids are evenly matched sizewise!

Kids love to play this on their own, so give them some old newspapers and let them practice!

Oh, and this is another of my "Use only at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any consequences" games! It's good fun though!! 


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