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Time Bmb

Target English: Numbers and brain power!
Target Level: Elementary 4th to Adult

This is a great game where you really have to think. It sounds simple, but try it out with a couple of friends and see how tough, and fun, it really is!

1. Put everyone in groups of between 2 and 10 kids.

2. The first person says either "1", "2" or "3"

3. The next person continues on and can say an additional one, two or three numbers.
E.g. if the first person said "1, 2", the second person can say either "3" or "3,4" or "3,4,5"

4. Continue around the group until one person is forced to say "13". They are now out.

5. Start again from step 2.

For example:

This game is really addictive, and great for motivation! But remember the golden rule, "losing doesn't mean losing, it just means you get another chance to try again!"

If the kids need to practise the numbers 1-12 before hand, try out the numbers 1 to 12 song or the Hip Hop Numbers song.

I got this game idea from Trudy, thank you very much!

Readers' Comments

Seems like it might be good for teaching months of the year as well, say December you lose.  That way you can use it with slightly higher level students.

by Neil

Great game this, I use it often to warm up. In my version, if a students says TWO numbers, the direction is reversed. If they say THREE numbers the next student is missed out. After a while the kids get into throwing each other false glances, pointing at the wrong person in order to draw out a 'foul'. We continue up until 21. The student who has to say 21 receives a penalty (up to you!). It's fun because the kids always try to get the smartest kid to say 21, and he loves the challenge!

by Chris Moore

Readers' Comments

The kids I played this with were too young to be able to understand the switch direction part of the game so we just went around the circle counting to 10 and, after the number 10 person said 10, then everyone shouted kaboom and that person had to draw a funny costume piece out of a bag and put it on then play continued. Everyone was able to stay in the game and more and more funny pieces of clothing were draw out and worn with each number 10. The kids thought it was so fun to put on the crazy clothes. - Jennifer


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