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The Tower Game

Target Grade: Kindergarten - adults
Target English: Anything

This is another "scoring system" like the Banana Tree Game or Grand Prix game

1. Play a game like the Ball and Music game or stopwatch (or see the bottom of this page for the cool "double stopwatch tower game!" explanation!)

2. The person chosen answers a question and if they are correct they come to the front and has 5 seconds to build their tower as high as possible.

3. Repeat from 1.

4. At the end of the time, the team with the tallest tower is the winner!

The good part is that if one team's tower falls, then they have to start again with what's left. This means that weaker teams always have the chance of beating better teams!

You can use any type of block from large plastic bricks to dominoes.

The 5 second time limit is very important as it keeps the game moving. The kids also have to think a bit, either placing one block on safely, or maybe taking a risk in trying to put on 2 blocks!

You can do this with up to 4 teams.

One brilliant way to play this is the "Double Stopwatch Tower Game". This is similar to the stopwatch game. But this time you have 2 circles. When you say "Go", one person in each team asks a question to the next person in their circle. The fastest team to have the question go round the circle wins. They do the tower building bit. Then do the question asking part again, this time starting from the next person in the circle. Of course the teams have to have equal numbers. In Junior High try this using the questions "What did you do yesterday?" or "What will you do tomorrow?". In Elementary school you can use "What's your name?" or "Do you like .....?" or whatever!


Readers' Comments
The Tower Game was great, the students really enjoyed it. They had fun & they were encouraged to answer the questions.
- Clarita


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