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Broken Hearts Game

Target Age: Elem 3 to Junior High
Target English: Any review

This game is traditionally used in Junior High for sentence practice, but it also makes a great review game for elementary school!


1. Prepare several A4 sheets of paper, each with the outline of a large heart
NEW: Regular reader Gaz has sent in his own set of 40 worksheets for this game! Enjoy!

2. Tear up the heart into 4 or 5 equal parts.

3. On each part of one sheet draw ( or glue) a picture related to the theme you are studying. Each part should have a different picture. e.g. one could be a pig, another a cow etc. For the Genki English themes, check out the mini-cards.

4. Do another sheet, this time with pictures from a different theme.

5. Do enough sheets with enough different themes so every kid can have one piece of heart.

6. Put all the pieces in a bag or container.

The Game

1. Each kid comes to the front and picks a piece of heart. They don't look at it yet!

2. When everyone has their pieces you shout "go"

3. The kids then go around trying to find the other pieces of their heart. They are not allowed to show other people their hearts yet, only to speak English!

4. When they find all the people who have the rest of the pieces of their heart ( as they all have words in the same topic) they sit down in a group, raise their hands and say "Finished!"

5. The quickest team wins

Very simple, but very effective. You can change the target language to either be very easy e.g. simply saying "dog", or better still something like "I have a dog" or the current target language such as "I like dogs" etc. etc.


NEW: Regular reader Gaz has sent in his own set of 40 worksheets for this game! Enjoy!

Readers' Comments

This worked great with my 1st year jr. high students AND 3 of their mothers who came that day for "Open School Day!"  A few students were absent, so I asked if they would play.  They agreed, so I gave them a piece of a heart and helped them with the language for it.  I had printed out four hearts on the computer with color pictures of vocab we had practiced (weather, time, subjects and months).  I cut them out and glued them onto red construction paper (from 100 yen shop).  Then I laminated them and cut them out with a little border to keep them from pulling apart.  After the students had found the others with "their heart", they put it together (some on the red side so it looked more like a real heart!).  The fastest team won.  Fun!!  Thanks!!



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