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Valentine's Day

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Q: Hi Richard, What do you have for Valentine's Day? - Megan, Germany

There are quite a few ideas on the site...

The most obvious is the "I love vegetables" picture book. It isn't suitable for everyone, but if you think your kids will like Valentine's Day activities in general, this is bound to get a chorus of "ahhhh"s at the end, especially from the girls.

My favourite game is the Broken Hearts Game not too "valentiney", but a good language practice.

Or for a more craft type lesson: Make a Valentine Card

The "Yes/No" fortune telling game is also fun for older kids. Get them to make up questions in groups, then come to the front to ask the computer and choose the card!

You could also try playing a game such as the ski game, but instead of the "Finish line", draw a picture of a cool restaurant and attach a picture of a famous movie star, actress, actor etc.. Then, instead of a skier or snowboarder, make a cut out of two people that the kids know. Good ideas are maybe yourself, another teacher or the head teacher. Play the game, and the race is to see which person will reach the restaurant and get the Valentine's date with the famous star!!!

There's also Brian Sabin's "Spin the bottle"

And the "How are you?" Game has the "I love you" phrase included!

Hopefully these should help!

Be genki,


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