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The Genki English DVD!!

Yes, it's here!! See the Genkiness in live action on this Teacher Training DVD!

We've done teacher training seminars for Oxford University Press, JALT, MEXT sponsored conferences, Nakata Ritsuko's AETC and loads of schools and Boards of Educations around the country, the response has been huge! People have been asking for a DVD, and here it is!

Presented in Japanese with English subtitles it's designed to get Japanese teachers Genki about teaching English to Elementary school kids. But there is so much visual action that even if you don't know Japanese then you'll still get loads from it!

Some of the things we go through are:

  • "Think like a kid" - how to be Genki in class!
  • Warm up!
  • How to teach songs!
  • Numbers (including jumping , "Rocket launch", Mr Wolf, "Thumb sumo")
  • English is easy! Great motivation techniques for the students and the teacher.
  • Real animations, jokes and mini-lessons that you can use in class.
  • Teaching vocab in a fun way.
  • No katakana!
  • Games ideas!
  • Plus lots, lots, lots more!
Total Playing Time: 60 Minutes

Only 4200 yen + P&P!!!
Order here!

It's fast action, high quality teacher training like you've never seen before!!

If you want some more ideas to spice up your lessons, or want to show your Japanese teachers how to teach English then get this DVD now!

Click here to order!

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