The "What did you say?" Game

Target Grade: 2-adult
Target English: Review any questions plus "Sorry, "Again please, "What did you say?"etc.

The beauty of this game is that at first it seems really easy, but soon turns out to be really chaotic and great for getting the kids used to important phrases to ask when they haven't understood something! It's a big review game so you have to make sure the kids know a fair few questions beforehand, if they have gotten through Genki English level one they should be OK.

So introduce the new phrases and then...

1. Put the students into 2 groups. The best way to do this is to use the Mingle Game combined with the group game, i.e. you do the Mingle chant and then shout out a number that is half the number of kids in the class, and the kids quickly get into groups of this number.

2. In secret gave each team 5 different questions to ask, e.g. "What's your name?", "How are you?", "What's your favourite colour?", "What's your favourite animal?", "What's your favourite food?", etc. Make sure they know how to answer. It maybe an idea to let the kids choose a set of questions beforehand as a review, and then you choose which ones to give to each team. If they can't read the question, draw pictures for them!

3. Each team faces each other in 2 lines.

4. The students ask the student who is opposite them the questions and they either write down the answers or draw pictures. Of course, everyone is doing this simultaneously.

Easy! Except for the twist..... the two lines of students have to be 3 metres apart!! This results in lots of shouting and lots of "I'm sorry, what did you say?" type comments.

Brilliant chaos courtesy of Damian.

Or you could give each pair one of the Genki English Card Game cards and play like this...

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