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Ask a question, we'll will tell you the answer!

"Does ..... like ....?"
"Should I join the baseball club?"
"Should I do my homework?"

Anything is OK!

Also try the Magic Corner game.

For teachers, you could try the ....

"Fortune Telling Game"

Target grade: Advanced elementary or Junior High up to adults
Preparation: One computer with speakers and the "Yes/no" game

1. Put the students into groups.

2. Each group has a set amount of time to think up a series of interesting questions that can be answered with "Yes" or "No". Give them some ideas based on what they are studying at the moment, for example "Will I marry Fujiwara Norika?", "Should I go to the party tomorrow?" etc.

3. When the time is up, the groups come up to the front, read out their question to the class and then click on one of the cards! The computer will tell you the answer!

4. Repeat from 3 with the next group!

In every class there will be some funny kids who come up with some hilarious questions! Just make sure they don't get too personal!!

You could also use this to plan your daily routine, "Should I take a coffee break now?" , "Should I send Richard some valentines chocolates?" etc. etc.

Be genki,


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