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Catalogue Game

Author:  Dan
level:  Elementary
Target_English:  Clothes

Here's a game I kinda invented (it is basically just a rip off of Karuta) that seems to work really well in about grade 3-6 elementary school. See what you think I call it The Catalogue Game.

1) Teach clothing vocab.  Things like pants, shirt, shoes, swimsuit, pajamas and underwear (they love that one).

2) Then divide the class into a couple of groups of whatever size you like (I usually make them like 5-7) and place a catalogue in front of them.  Call out a piece of clothing and stand back. 

3) First one to fine what you asked for yells it out shows you and gets a point.  All in all very, very simple game that the kids like.

This game will begin with all the students lined up in single file, but very shortly you will have all the kids surrounding the table you are playing at and yelling out all kinds of things.

This game can get a little dry after a while, so then stick adjectives in there too.  Just ask them for: a red shirt, black pants, tall boots, a girlfs pajamas, running shoes, baseball hat, ugly socks, sunglasses, winter coat or anything else that they might know. In every class I teach like 25 different pieces of clothing including slightly more obscure stuff like umbrella, glasses, scarf, uniform, sandals, suit, neck tie, dress shirt, blouse, skirt, and dress.  Many of the names they already know even in the lower grades and if you try to only go with about 10-12 the game gets boring real soon.

Generally most towns and villages have a dump spot for magazines and catalogues.  Find out where it is and pay it a visit.  Get enough catalogues for whatever the number of groups that you will use.  I like to use all different catalogues for all the different groups and then switch them after a while so that they donft spend too much time memorizing where everything is in one catalogue.  When choosing catalogues, the bigger the better, so that there is more to look through, also if you can get a catalogue with the four seasons that will be best as a winter catalogue will have no shorts or swimsuits etc... and a summer catalogue will have no coats, or gloves.

The only hard rule I stick to is that only one person can touch the catalogue per round and only one person per team can yell at me that they found it.  If you donft use this one there will be the same kids doing all the work.  Or you can use the rule that everyone must be quite and no Japanese can be spoken, but what I like best is just letting all hell break loose.

You can do variations on this with other subject and different types of magazines or catalogues.  You can use it to find vehicles, sports, foods or letters (make sure there is lots of English in it).  In grade six I play a game where I make teams and they have to find cut out and glue down the alphabet in order (or spell words if they are really good).  It takes time for them to find Xfs, Qfs and Zfs, and if they glue it down in the wrong order they have to start over (that part is fun for me), but they seem to enjoy it too. 

Anyways I have used too much of your time so I will say goodbye and take care.


If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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