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ESL Christmas Lesson
What colour is Christmas?

Target English: Christmas Words + Colours
Target grade: Lower to Upper Elementary

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This is a great game as the kids actually have to communicate something to each other, rather than simply run through the language!

1. Teach the Christmas Words Theme and run through the colours theme as a review.

2. Split the kids into 6 groups.

3. Choose one of the groups and give them the black and white print out from above.

4. Choose one of the other groups and give them one of the coloured sheets from above.

5. Explain that the group with the coloured items has to describe to the other group which colour each item is. They can either say things like "The reindeer is red" or the other group can ask "What colour is the reindeer?"

6. When they've run through all the items, compare the sheets to see how they got on.

That's all very simple you may say, so here is the good bit!!

6. Now give three of the groups black and white versions.

7. Give the other three groups each a different coloured sheet.

8. Pair up each black and white team with a coloured team.

9. Now split each of the pairs up so they are as far away from each other as possible in the classroom.

10. When the teacher says "Go!" all the groups start shouting out at once to their pair to try and colour in the items in the correct colours!!

11. Total chaos as the kids have to shout above each other and ask things like "Sorry?", "What did you say?" etc.

12. The quickest pair shout out "We win!".

13. The teacher checks the two sheets, if they match, they win!! If not continue on!

If anyone uses Japanese, they start again with a blank black and white sheet and a new coloured sheet ( it's good to enforce this rule!)

This is a great combination of the "What did you say?" game and a colouring game idea I heard from Abe sensei in Fukuoka. It's a great game that even gets 6th graders genki!


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