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All of the Genki English themes contain not only the key vocab, but all the words are introduced in sentence form. The repetition of the songs makes this easy for the kids to absorb effortlessly, but the aim behind it is to subconsciously give them several "lego blocks" that they can later recognise in other songs and then after several themes they can begin to form them into their own original sentences.

So to help with this I've now put A4 flash cards of all the extra words used in the songs. You'll quickly notice that there is a small core of words that come up all the time. If you have the time in class it's well worthwhile using these words as flashcards just like the picture cards, this is because many of them are the often occurring "Dolch" words that can only be learned by sight. Remember DON'T explicitly teach these words in a grammar format. Simply introduce them for each theme and then in future classes wait for the kids to ask questions or pick up on ones they have seen before. This may take several or many lessons. Then you can get the kids to start experimenting with different combinations to let them get a feel for what can and can't be done! For each theme you also have extra words such as 'm and am these are to help if you have to do explanations later. When first introducing the themes use the shorter, spoken form e.g. what's, I'm etc.

These cards are A4 however many of them need cutting down as they are obviously of varying lengths. Laminating them is highly recommended! The cards are coloured blue as it's more fun than black, and it's the easiest colour to read at a distance. If you wish to have the cards in black then simply change your printer settings to "black and white". You'll need your username and password from the "CD Owners Club". Please note that these cards are only available for download and aren't included in the printed picture card pack!

I hope these cards prove useful and if you have any feedback then please get in touch!

Be genki,


From CD Vol. I

From CD vol. II

From CD vol. III

From CD vol. IV

If you would like to make your own cards in the same style, then try this card maker!

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