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Hexagon/Do you have...? Game

Time: 20-30 minutes
Author = Brian Shepherd
Materials needed (for a class of 40): 60 flash cards: 8 sets of 5 nouns (i.e. 8 dogs, 8 cats, 8 pigs, 8 snakes, 8 rabbits)  I've been using numbers 1-5
Ages: 3rd primary - ???

First teach the kids the sentence, "Do you have..?"  You can start off with "Do you have a pencil?"  Then teach the answers, "Yes, I do."  "No I don't."  Then give each student one card and tell them not to show the card to anyone.  It is crucial that they don't show the card, otherwise it ruins the game. 

One student (or you at first) is IT.  You choose a student at random and ask, "Do you have a 1?"  "If they say, "No, I don't."  Then you mark an X on the board and you get a second chance.  You may choose the same student or a different one.  Some classes you may have to insist that they alternate choosing between boys and girls.  If the second person you chose also does not have the card you guessed, you mark a second X on the board.  If by the third time you still have not guessed a person's card correctly then you have lost. 

At first, when losing, I allow them to draw another card and continue in the game.  With younger students this is best, because they easily cry about losing and also it's a bit boring to sit and be out of the game.  But, if you want to make it more competitive then if, in three tries, you can't guess a person's card, you are out of the game. You cannot draw a new card and must return to your seat as an observer.  (You could also have them do a batsu game to be able to return to the game.) The last person who's card you tried to guess becomes IT and comes to the front of the class.  They turn in their card.  And begin guessing.  If they guess a person's card correctly, they draw a new card and return to their seat continuing in the game. The person whose card they guessed becomes IT, turns in their card, and begins to guess. 

This can continue until interest dwindles, or, if you're playing by the strict rules, until one person with a card is left.  I have never had enough time to make it this far, but regardless of a winner or loser, the kids love the game.

Each time the students have a 1 in 5 chance of guessing correctly, and if they ask the student more than once, or can remember what has been asked previously, even better odds.  Despite what you might think, many times students will guess correctly off of a cold guess.  It is this "luck" of the game that keeps them excited and in to the game.  When I am IT, I put out my hand and act like I'm using some special force (there's another good name, "The Force").  They love it!  Especially, when I guess right.

Anyway, I've found it a good way to introduce and practice the sentence "Do you have...?"  But it could also be used for "Do you like...?"  "Do you play...?"  "Are you a...?" etc.

Brian Shepherd

If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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