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How are you? Game!

Target Grade: 1- Junior High
Target English: How are you? + answers

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This is a great game that works very well with the How are you? Song.

You'll need print outs of 8 negative answers to "How are you?" and 8 "solutions" to these problems. e.g. if you have "I'm hungry" the "solution" is some food. You can either use your own cards, or if you are a CD Owner you can print out the ready made ones from this page.

1. Put the kids into teams. Either rows of desks, or boys vs. girls.

2. Put the "How are you?" answers in a box or bag.

3. Put the "solutions" in another bag or box.

4. Whilst you play some music ( e.g. the "How are you?" song) the kids pass round the two bags or boxes. To make sure they don't just pass to their own team mates, impose a rule that says they have to pass it to the person next to them.

5. When you stop the music everyone shouts out "How are you?"

6. The kid with the answer bag or box picks one out ( without looking!) and reads it aloud.

7. The kid with the solution bag or box picks one out ( without looking ) and says the name of the solution.

7. If the solution matches the answer, both kids get a point!

9. Continue from 4.

That's it, very simple. But as the chances of winning are pretty slim it's a great chance to get lots of practice in!

The correct answer/solutions are:

Hungry = food (either hot dog or ice cream)
Tired = bed
Cold = fire
Hot = ice cream
Angry = relax!
Thirsty = drinks
Wet = towel
Sad = I love you!

Of course it's the last one that causes all the excitement!!

If it's the first time through this theme then stick to the four answers that appear in the song ( or add in "hot" if you've done the weather theme or "thirsty" if you've done the thirsty theme.). Or if you have previously done the song then try using all eight words.

Other ways to play the game are to get the kids to come out to the front to pick the cards.
You can also link this in with a cool scoring game like Spiderman or Ski Game.

Or you could try something like the "Broken Hearts Game" where the kids have to find their match ( make sure the "Sad"= "I love you" cards are given to genki kids!).


PS Thanks to the Great Escape movie for the inspiration for this game!!

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How are you?

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