January/February 2000 Newsletter!

Hello, Happy New Year and welcome to the Primary School English Games Club !!

This is the first "newsletter" that I've done for the site, I'll try and keep it short as most of you
probably don't like long mails! But I'd just like to thank everyone for all the replies and comments I've received - thank you, and keep them coming!


This month's two new activities are "The Leapfrog Game" and "An English Book".
The first one is a brilliant, no preparation vocab practice game based on a Japanese kids' playground activity! The second one maybe a simple idea, but its good for kids who aren't keen on jumping around or being "genki" as we say in Japan!



One problem some people have is that their kids don't really know "janken" (the paper, scissors,stone game). This is something that seems to be built in to all Japanese kids, but not many western ones! Alternatives to Janken could be flipping a coin or maybe rolling a dice (one person is odd, one even). Anyone got any more ideas?

So there you go! Please keep in touch, I'd especially like to hear comments about this email, too long? too short? Useful? Not so useful? And if you don't want to receive the next newsletter then just email me! Remember to check out next month's new ideas, online sometime in mid February.

If you get the chance then tell your friends about the page! I'll also be exhibiting it at the Ehime ALT Mid-Year seminar on January 24th/25th if any of you will be there!

Sees ya later,
Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
Primary School English Games and Activities


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