March/April 2000 Newsletter


There's been lots happening with the homepage this month! First off, you may have noticed that the page design has changed. Hopefully this new layout will make it easier for you to find your way around the page, and make it quicker to load, especially on machines in different countries.

Speaking of which, I have been looking at the logs for the site, and was surprised to say the least! In the last 3 weeks, I have had over 600 hundred individual visitors to the site, from over 20 countries, including Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, Mexico, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Thailand, Lebanon and Paraguay!! That is quite amazing. Thank you very much everybody for visiting my site!

Thank you also for the great response to the songs I put up last month. I'm glad they were of so much use to you. As expected, quite a few people found it quite tricky to use the MP3s in class. Therefore I'm looking at getting some CDs made. Hopefully these should be available next month - please contact me if you're interested!

Pronunciation Guides

This month I've been working on putting Shockwave animations on the page. With these pages, you can simply move your mouse over a word and hear it spoken! These are great for non-native speakers to use in class. You simply take your computer along, connect it to a hi-fi or something and play the words. When the kids hear them they simply do the actions, it's really fun!

If you are a native speaker, then using these pages in class is a really good way to get your kids to hear and get used to accents from different countries!

The first two are on line now: What's your name?, and Stand up, Sit down.

New Games

This month's two new games are from Will. They are the Lines Quiz and Stopwatch!

The lines quiz is a really good warm up lesson, perfect for practicing any conversation piece or vocab. It's also a good for classes that aren't too lively. In this game if they don't speak, they have to go round again!

Stopwatch is a really cool game that I've been using in most of my lessons over the past few weeks! It's really good in either small or large classes (lots of people have been asking for games to use in small groups!). I've used it for everything from 1st year elementary to adults! Brilliant!

So there you go! I hope there's enough material here to keep your lessons fun and "genki" for the next few weeks!! Here in Japan we're just about entering the Spring season, where all the kids move up a grade and the Cherry Blossoms begin to bloom!

Sees you all next month,

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities

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