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Picture Book:
"What's your favourite food?"

Target Grade: Kindergarten - Lower Elementary
Target English: Food and Animals

Picture books can be a great way to give kids lots of fun English listening experience. If there's a nice twist in the tale the kids will want to read it again and again.

So here is the first in a new online series of picture books. Click the bottom corner to turn the page, or if you are a CD Owner, you can download a pdf version to print out and use in class!
And a printable version with U.S. "favorite" spelling.

Printed Versions

Whilst we don't have actual "books" for you to buy, we do have printed "story boards" available. Printed as landscape ( horizontal ) A4 sheets and individually laminated, each story board costs between 1,100 yen to 1,900 yen plus post and package. Full prices are on the order form.

( These printed story boards are only available in Japan. You can buy our Download pack from anywhere in the world and get instant access to the pdf versions though!)


Readers' Comments
by Mike Buurman

For a twist get your grade 6 class to make the book and then read it to the lower level classes.

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