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To bring excitement and enjoyment to your classroom, try our Genki English teaching materials.

Instant Teacher's Set Download Pack

If you're wondering which Genki English product to buy, this is the one to go for!
Everything you need to make your lessons fun, easy to teach and easy to remember.

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Advanced: Genki Hip Hop Downloads

For your older students, try the new Hip Hop Genki English MP3s featuring:

1. Excuse me, where's the ... ? 2. If you had a million dollars... 3. Better than the best of the best 4. Have you ever ... 5. Dream Holiday 6. I have to ... I can! 7. How you doing? 8. What shall I do today? and 9. What do you do in your free time?

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Only $19.99

Advanced: Genki Relax "Law of Attraction"

Use the power of the Law of Attraction to relax, learn English and help improve your life.

Contains MP3 Downloads for ...

1. Relax your body 2. Success with Friends & Family 3. Financial Success 4. Travel & Adventures 5. Communicate with Anyone 6. Live in Your Ideal House 7. Health and Energy 8. Goals and Focus 9. Reclaim Your Time

$49.99 Today Only $19.99
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This is a massive series of picture books, CDs, DVDs and toys designed from the ground up to get kids aged 0-6 genki at home. Written by Genki English, and published by SSI.

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Do you have any questions? Any new materials you'd like to see? Please get in touch!

Be genki,

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