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What time is it? Part 2

Target Language: Minutes e.g. It's 1:05, 2:10 etc.
Target Grade: All ages
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This song is the follow on from the What time is it, Mr Wolf?song, this time with minutes.

"What time is it?" 2
by Richard Graham

It's 1:05


12 o'clock.

What time is it?

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How to teach ...

Before introducing "quarter to", "half past" etc. we can use this song to tell the time with "It's 2:10", "It's 4:30" etc. Very simple and very useful. Raise your hands as hands of the clock as you sing each time ( see the demo song above).

Just remember that your left and right are reversed if you are facing the kids. Practice in front of a mirror is highly recommended!

There are picture cards above, but to be honest I'd recommend a big teaching clock where you can move the hands.

The only thing to watch out for is to make sure the kids know how to read the minutes of a clock before you start, in many countries that doesn't happen until the 2nd year of elementary school.

Recommend Games

There are lots of games you can do with this theme. One very simple one is...

1. Get the kids into groups.
2. Everyone shouts out "What time is it?"
3. You shout out "It's 5:15" or whatever.
4. The kids have to make this time on the floor using their bodies!

Of course you don't have to stick to the times in the song, you can mix and match any other them e.g. "It's 2:25".. For advanced classes you can also move on to things like "It's 7:39" etc.

Another game idea is:

1. Split the kids into groups of 3.
2. 2 kids are at the front, one is at the back.
3. Everyone shouts out "What time is it?"
4. You show the first kid at the back a mini card with a time written on it.
5. This kid has to shout out the time.
6. All the couples at the front have to make this clock with their hands.
7. The quickest team is the winner.

This works really well if the kids team up tall / short pairs!

Evaluation Worksheet (What's this?)

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Readers' Comments

by Flossy in Austria

I think I have several budding opera singers. They all decided to use a funny voice to sing this song. They have no problem with telling time so I do not know how it would work with younger ones. I will try it soon and let everyone know how it goes. We did sing it three times and used the arm actions just as the computer animation. Good for their fitness too and waking up the brains a bit on a slow day maybe?

Readers' Comments
by  Kaylyn Chan

Have a template of the clock and some hands to print out separately.  This way you can laminate the clock and hands and make your own time with a thumb tack to hold the hands in the center.  Much easier and time consuming than printing out all the clocks. 

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