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I can do it!

Target Language: Can you do it? I can do it! Can you play the ...., I can play the .... + instruments
Target Grade: Kindergarten to Junior High 1
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"I can do it."
by Richard Graham

Can you do it?
Yes, I can do it!
Can you do it?
Yes, I can do it!

Can you play the drums?
Yes, I can play the drums.
Can you play the bass?
Yes, I can play the bass.
Can you play the piano?
Yes, I can play the piano.
Can you sing?
Yes, I can sing!

(Repeat Chorus)

Can you play the guitar?
Yes, I can play the guitar
Can you play the trumpet?
Yes, I can play the trumpet.
Can you play the violin?
Yes, I can play the violin.
Can you can sing?
Yes, I can sing!

(Repeat Chorus)
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The first rule of Genki English is "Dekiru, Dekiru, Dekiru to omoeba, Dekiru!", which means "If you think you can do it, you can do it!". Most people think of English as that grammar they did in Junior High School, they are taught that English is hard and it's something they can never do. But we can show them that it's not brain surgery and it's not quantum mechanics, it's just a foreign language and you can have lots of fun with it! With just a bit of work, a lot of fun and even more confidence, it's something anyone can do!

So that brings us to the "I can do it!" song. I've chosen musical instruments as the vocab to team up with this phrase, as most kids will know the meanings of the words, and they are great fun to mime! Kids also like to ask if you can indeed play any musical instruments. The chorus uses "Can you do it?" and the verse also uses "Can you play the ...?" which may look a bit complicated at first. But these are lines that the teacher sings, and the song is structure so that the kids' line is always "I can ..." so it's quite straight forward.

As usual, the gestures are important...

In the chorus, the teacher sings "Can you do it?" and the kids reply "I can do it!" then to make it fun they push their hands up in the air on the first "Yeah!".

Then on the second time line they push their hands down on the "Yeah!".

In the verses you mime playing the instrument as you ask "Can you play the ...?" and the kids mime whilst replying back! Really go over the top on this, it's lots of fun!

I can't stress enough how important confidence is for all kids, and this theme should go a long way to helping them out. Good luck!

Recommended Game:
I usually find that it's great to end this lesson with the song, to really finish on a high note. But if you have time the recommended game for this song is "American Idol: I want to make you a star!".


The kids shout out "Can you play the ..." plus the name of the first instrument. The teacher replies, "I can play the (name of instrument) says (+ the name of one animal)". e.g. "I can play the drums, says the penguin". The kids draw a line between that animal and the instrument. Repeat for the other instruments. As the teacher, make sure you prepare which animals will go with which instrument before hand. The animals here are different to the picture cards and software.

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