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I like pink fish!

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: I like + adjectives + colours + nouns

This is an excellent game that introduces "I like" +adjective+noun in a way that any kid can learn, remember and have fun doing!! Because the kids are moving whilst playing the games, they are learning without really thinking about it!!

As usual you have to review or introduce the vocab first with the song, and then use the game to practice that vocab!!


1. Split the class into 2,3 or 4 four groups. Any more than this and accidents will happen!

2. At the back of the class spread out several picture cards of nouns (at least as many as there are students)

3. At the front have several folded up pieces of paper. Inside each piece of paper is a colour.

The game

4. One person from each group stands up. When the teacher says "Go!", these 3 kids race to the back of the class, They then pick up a card that they know the English for. Then they race to the front and pick up one of the folded pieces of paper.

5. They then have to speak outloud "I like" followed by the colour they have chosen and then the name of the object. For example "I like pink fish!"

6. The quickest person to say it gets 20 points! If the others can say theirs, they get 10 points.

7. Get the next person in each team to stand up and continue from 4

This is a really good game that the kids get into. When I first tried it with my first years I was at the back of the class, sorting out the cards when the first kid spoke. I was sure someone had the TV on as this little 6 year old came out with this sentence that just did not sound like a Japanese person!!!

For older kids (from years 3 up) have the colours at the front right, and a set of adjective cards (I have ones for cute, heavy, big, expensive etc.). This time the kids have to say "I like " + adjective + colour + noun. Or try "At .. ( time), I like ( verb), (adjective), (colour), (noun) + (noun)" e.g. "At 9 o'clock I like eating scary blue TVs and cows" - great fun! You can then make other sentences such as "I'm going to..." + countries + modes of transport!

Here's a version to link What do you want to be? and What do you do?

Sometimes they get it wrong and say the colour at the end, but once you correct them, they never get it wrong twice!!

The only problem is that the kids get so into it that, more so than any other game, the kids get really annoyed when they lose!! So remember to tell them that losing means "try again" - this way all the energy gets focussed into wanting to try again and saves a lot of tears!!

Oh, and remember the "s" at the end of most words e.g. I like green bananas!


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