Game in Japanese

"Where are you from?"

Target English: I'm from... + Country Names
Grade Level: All levels

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"Where are you from?"
by Richard Graham

Where are you from?
Where are you from?
Where are you from?
Where are you from?

I'm from America,
I'm from Australia,
I'm from England
and I'm from China

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm from Canada,
I'm from Korea,
I'm from New Zealand
and I'm from Japan

(Repeat Chorus)

In the classroom or at home ........

It is difficult to assign any specific gestures to this song without evoking racial stereotypes. Therefore I find it good for the kids to split into two groups. The first group sings one line (e.g. "Where are you from?") and the other group sings the next line. You keep going backwards and forwards like this with the aim being to sing louder and better than the other team!

Or you could use flags and hold them up at the appropriate time!

Click here for an animation showing the difference between the UK and England!

Members' Club Bonus Versions

We also have other versions of the songs as Members' Exclusive Downloads:

South East Asia Version:
(America, Canada, Australia, Britain, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China)
This is the version distributed by the Thai Ministry of Education.

India Version:
India, Australia, England, China, Canada, America, New Zealand, Japan
This is the version distributed to our primary schools in India.

Or check out the Tanzania version!

See for yourself ...

To see how well this works with your children, try teaching yourself some Japanese with the same song!
Be warned it will stick in your head!

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Bonus Printables

Cultural Note
Remember that in English *you* choose your answer to this question. It's not a question of race or what you look like, but you feel you come from!

Evaluation Worksheet (What's this?)


Interview game! Split the kids into 8 teams and assign each team one country. Draw this country's flag on the "I'm from _______" section. Now they go and interview other people in the class by saying "Excuse me, where are you from?". The other person says "I'm from " plus whatever country they were assigned to. If the first person has an empty box next to this country, they can tick the box! If they already have a tick, they have to find someone from a different country. They keep going until all the boxes are ticked! Have a race to see which country's students are all sat down first! Try keeping one nationality for the teacher, that way everyone has to practise with the teacher, and you know if anyone has been cheating! Remember to teach the kids the golden rule with these games, if everyone is having fun there are no losers, only winners! If one team does lose, then make sure they know that the real meaning is that they have another chance to try again!

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Readers' Comments

by Roger

I make a set of small cards ( see above - Richard ) and give one flag to each student. Object of game is to use the Target Structure (Where are you from?) and try to find their partner (someone else from the same country), if they don't match they say Goodbye and move on. When they do match, they sit down. Works well for over 3rd grade


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