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"Where, where, where?" Lesson

Target English: "Where's the...?" + answers, "Over there!"
Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1
Song: The "Where, where, where?" Song can be found on CD vol. IV

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NEW: CD4 now also contains a "USA Mix" of the song with "Where's the bathroom?" instead of "Where's the toilet?"

Where, Where, Where?
by Richard Graham and Will Jasprizza

Where, where, where?
There, there, there?
Where, where, where?

Wherefs the toilet?
Over there.
Wherefs the phone?
Over there.
Wherefs the TV?
Over there.
Wherefs the teachersf room?
Over there.

(Repeat chorus)

Wherefs the computer?
Over there.
Wherefs the piano?
Over there.
Wherefs the CD player?
Over there.
Where are you?
Ifm here!

(Repeat chorus)

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@In the classroom or at home ........

This is a great song with some really useful English!! Try dancing along with the Merengue chorus, it's great!

Shrug your shoulders for "Where, where, where?"

and point left, then right, then left for "There, there, there."

In the verse, the teacher sings the line and the kids answer whilst pointing "Over there". In the second half the kids ask the teacher, who then replies and points!

If you don't have all the items nearby, print out pictures from the website and stick them on the wall.

Recommended Game: Leapfrog Game


This is a very simple activity. Each kid has a copy of the sheet. The teacher (or one of the kids) shouts out "Where's the...?" plus one of the items. The kids then colour in this item! Another idea is to give each kid a sheet and they cut out each item. Whilst listening to the software quiz, the kids hold up the correct picture and shout out "Here!".

On the CD....

On the CD there is the music (if you put it into a normal CD player), and the software section (if you put it in a suitable PC or Mac). As with the other songs there is a fun pronunciation section for learning the words, a mini-lesson to learn the song "a cappella" and a groovy quiz.

This song can be found on CD vol. IV !

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