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Where do you live?

Target Language: Where do you live?, I live near the ....
Target Grade: Elem 2 to Junior High
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Where do you live?
by Richard Graham

Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?

I live near the forest.
(The forest)
I live near the river.
(The river)
I live near the bridge.
(The bridge)
I live near the farm.
(The farm)

Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?

I live near the hospital.
(The hospital)
I live near the station.
(The station)
I live near the castle.
(The castle)
I live near the supermarket.
(The supermarket)

How to teach ....

This is a slightly more challenging theme, so keep it for when the kids have mastered the other songs. It's still lots of fun though, especially if you get the kids to mime each location.

Once you've gone through the song once, get each child to draw a picture of something that is near their own home. As they draw, go round the class teaching each child the name of the place in English. Eight children come to the front, you play the karaoke version of the song and each child says the place that is near their home and the other kids repeat it. This song will stick in your head all day!

The other cool thing is that all the vocab is totally interchangable with the James Brown style "Where are you going?" song. To be honest that song is probably the easiest of the two to teach, so is probably best to do first. But it means that when you come to the games you have double the answers to play with.

Recommended Games

This is a pretty straight forward theme to teach, so most of the games should be cool. One obvious one is the "Weaving through town" game, or to practise the question only, you can try "Where do you live?" shiritori.

Of course incorporating it into games like Lines Quiz, Soldiers or Ninjas ( great if they already know 3 other questions ) or Newspaper Sumo becomes really easy in review lessons.

And here is the song in action ...

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