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"Fruit Market" Fruits Lesson

Target English: "What's this?", "What's that?" + fruit's names
Target grade: All ages
Song: The Fruit Market Song is in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

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Fruit + Colours

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Fruit Market
by Richard Graham

What's this? It's an apple
What's this? It's an orange
What's this? It's a pineapple
What's this? It's a banana

What's that? It's a lemon
What's that? It's a cherry
What's that? It's a strawberry
What's that? It's a watermelon

Welcome to the Fruit Market
Welcome to the Fruit Market

What's this? It's a peach
What's this? It's a grape
What's this? It's a pear
What's this? It's a kiwi fruit!

(Repeat Chorus)

In the classroom or at home ........

Fruits seem to be one of the most fun things for kids to do in English, and usually it's because they already understand them all.

Lessons should concentrate on things we don't know, rather than things we do know, so this song is a great way to not only practice fruit names,but to also learn the difference between "this" and "that".

One teacher says "What's this?" whilst showing the relevant card. The kids reply "It's a ....."

For the "What's that?" cards, another teacher ( or kid) asks "What's that?" and the kids reply!

For the "Welcome to the Fruit Market" part it can be good to have the kids do a type of folk dance, where they spin around, linking arms with the person next to them!!

Also, if you're in Japan, don't be surprised if your kids have never seen a western shaped pear before!!

Recommended Game: Bad Fruit Game - Fishing Game
For general fruits practice, you can try out nearly all of the Vocab Practice gameson this site!

Or you could make a Fruit & Vegetable Market like Flossy did in Austria:


Give each kid a copy of the worksheet. At the front of the class place one item of each of the fruit. At the back place several different pieces of coloured paper. The kids from the front line of desks stand up. You say "go". They then race to the back, pick up one colour piece of paper , race to the front and pick up one piece of fruit. The quickest kid to shout out "I like" + the colour they chose + the fruit they chose (e.g. "I like pink bananas!") gets two points for their team. If the other kids can say what they have they get 1 point for their team. Everyone colours in the winner's fruit in the winner's colour! The kids in the next row of desks stand up and you repeat.

Readers' Comments


The improved graphics make a HUGE difference! And I noticed the improved sound as soon as I launched it. Very very well done.
I have used the new game before, but I love having it available with graphics like this rather than my flashcards on the whiteboard.
GE just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for making all our jobs easier!


The new graphics are awesome!!!
The vibrant colors and lively faces on the fruit is a succes with the children. My class of 5 year olds love the fruit plurals, they crack-up only with the strawberries (I don't understand why, maybe I'm getting old)
Thank you for the updates and the hard work behind the scenes of GE. It shows me that GE is more than a business or a one-time buy online tool, but really is an ESL teacher's must have, and it's topped with an incredible support.
Hip Hip Hurray!!!!


Wow Richard,

This is amazing. I can't believe you made all this. And it is the best timing I could think of.

The game is perfect. Now, whenever you are bored again, I bet you know what to do with drinks, ice cream, etc.!!!
But for now: Have your beer. A huge one!


I agree! Fabulous and I love the new graphics. The math game has come in perfect time as I'm doing numbers and maths! :D

I really like the mini lesson on this as I teach in China and plurals cannot have too much work done on them!

The new graphics ARE awesome! And having more games is even more fun and a reason to stay on the fruit topic for repetition is key!


Love the new graphics. Especially how they fruit blink and stick out tongues randomly.

Thanks a lot!


Amazingly fantastic graphics. My kids love the watermelon and his cheeky tongue! The eyes are great and a real improvement on the old pictures.

Game 3 is excellent and I can see so much possibility for that one. Hours of endless entertainment.

I'm so pleased you're doing the food next. Thank you!

Lovely job! Fabulous! Superb! I love it! No words to express how great this fruit market update is! Great!


You go on being the best Richard. Thank you.


Thanks very much for this new fruit software. I really love it.

Emmanuelle ( EmmaV)

Hi Richard!

Another great lesson ... perfect for Spring time. I love the design of the market fruit stall!


WOW! So many new things. Especially appreciate: faces on the fruit (the kids really love the pop-up graphics, such as the tongue sticking out on watermelon); the sliced fruit in words2; the new games.

Well done, sir!


It makes a huge difference.
Kids just love it.
Lots of fun


I'm a vip member and love GenkiEnglish in my classroom. It's a life saver! The kids love it!

On subject to the new fruit download, I love the new fruit images with faces. Thanks as always! Keep up the good work!


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