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"One left" Genki English Card Game!

Target Age: Elementary 2 to Adults
Target English: Colours, numbers, family, vegetables, prepositions

Just like its more famous cousin "Uno", this is a card game based on the traditional Crazy Eights game.

I'd never actually played this game myself and wasn't sure how it would work in class, but once I saw the reaction it gets I knew it was going to be a winner!

We have several versions available for you here, the classic "numbers + colours" version, a "family + vegetables" version and a prepositions version. This is the really cool part about the game, once you've taught each theme separately it's great at linking them together to make longer sentences. If you have any requests for future combinations then please let me know.

As usual instead of a separate paid product, these games are a special thank you present for people who supported Genki English by buying my Teacher's Pack or Download Pack. Just click the game you'd like below and enter your Owners Club username and password:

Colours & Numbers School subjects & days Prepositions

Weather & Countries Personal pronouns (he, she,
they, we, I, you) & Stationery
Clothes & Colours
 Christmas Prepositions    Family & Vegetables    Colours & Shapes
Colours & Fruits     Halloween Monsters &
Beard Colours
   Haunted House
e.g. Skeleton is in the kitchen.
 Rooms & I'm .... ing
(same version with no text)

Here's how to play.

1. Hand out 7 cards to each player.
2. Put the remainder cards in a pile.
3. The kids rock, paper, scissors to decide who starts.

4. Whilst saying in English what the card is, the winner puts down any card next to the remainder pile. e.g. "Red 3."
5. The next player has to put down any card that has the same number or is the same colour as the previous card.
e.g. if the first player put down the red three, then the next player can either put down the blue 3, the green 3 or the yellow 3....

... or any other red number e.g. the red 7

6. If you don't have a card to put down you miss a turn and must pick up a card from the remainder pile.

7. Continue round the other players.

8. The first person to get rid of all their cards is the winner!

But there are also some special cards e.g.

"Skip" Card:
Skip the next person
Reverse Card:
Reverse the order of play e.g. from clockwise to anti-clockwise
The next person has to draw 2 cards from the remainder pile.
Draw 4:
The next person has to take 4 cards from the remainder pile.
Plus you can change the colour.
Wild Card:
You can change the current colour.

There's a lot of strategy involved and also a lot of English. The colours one is quite easy, but in the vegetable family one the kids have to say "Brother likes carrots" etc. For the prepositions one it's sentences like "Baby Monkey is under the table." Of course if they can't say the English they can't put the card down and have to pick one up from the remainder pile!

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