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-Hints & Tips
-Cool Phrases

-Numbers 1-20
-Disco Warm Up
-Katakana Song
-Hiragana Song
-Hot, Cold Song
-Days of the week
-Mary san's sheep
-How much?
-Left & Right

-MP3 Downloads

-Katakana Chart
-Game 1
-Game 2
-Game 3
-Game 4

-Left & Right
-Body Parts
-North & South
-Action Words

-Virtual O-koto
-Self Intro

-Genki English
-Genki Korean

-Japan Jobs


Free Hiragana Worksheets

Once you've tried the Hiragana song and online games, you might want to try some writing practice with theses free hiragana worksheets.
Each one is split into sections for easy learning:

free hiragana worksheets
When you've finished a sheet, print it out again or move on to the next.

We have free individual worksheets for:
a i u e o, ka ki ku ke ko, sa shi su se so, ta chi tsu te to, na ni nu ne no,
ha hi fu he ho, ma mi mu me mo, ya yu yo, ra ri ru re ro, wa wo n, -

ga gi gu ge go, za ji zu ze zo, da ji zu de do, ba bi bu be bo, pa pi pu pe po

All these Hiragana worksheets are all together as one pdf file in our download pack.
There's also another 70 page pdf book of katakana worksheets.
All for a bargain low price!

70 page Katakana Worksheets PDF eBook
70 page Hiragana Worksheets PDF eBook
+ FREE "Easy to Learn Japanese Words & Phrases"poster ebook....

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+ FREE Bonus

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... and all the "easy to learn"Genki Japan songs as iPod ready MP3s:
01.Numbers 1-20 Song
02 Disco Warm Up
03.When, Where, Who, What
04.Days of the Week
05.Months of the Year
06.Hiragana Song
07.Katakana Song
08.Hot, Cold, Fun Song
09. Weather in Japanese
10. Mary had a little lamb
11. How much?
12. Where are you from?
13. Colors in Japanese
14. Left & Right in Japanese
15. 10 Little Samurai (Counters)
16. How old are you? in Japanese

All for only $79.99 $39 US

Plus New BONUS:

Genki Japan Cute

I've just included my secret hiragana A4 pdf posters, mini cards and worksheets. I know they're too "cutesy" but they're what we use with real kids in Japan, so just don't show them to anyone and you'll be cool - they're an extra free bonus!

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Email me if you have any questions or comments,

Mata ne!
Be genki,


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