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Welcome to Genki Learn Japanese,  in a fun, genki way.
Japanese is a cool language to learn, and I'll show you how to make it easy!

Some Basics...

My Learn Japanese Download Pack
Learn Japanese cool, useful words and phrases.
Tips I used to get fluent in Japanese.
Learn how to read Japanese katakana and hiragana + Other Japanese symbols.
Learn how to do a Self Introduction.+ cell phone ringtones
Japan Jobs: How to get a job in Japan

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Learn Japanese with Songs:

WARNING: One listen and these songs will stick in your head all day.
Luckily the Japanese will stick there too. Available as YouTube videos and mp3s.

Japanese Numbers


Hiragana Song

Katakana Song

Counters & Samurai

Who, what, when?

Hot, cold, fun

Mary san's sheep

Do you like...?


Where from?

Left & Right

Disco Warm Up
How old are you?
Months of the year
How much?
Days of the week

Head & Shoulders
in Japanese

Learn Japanese with Games

The best way to learn. They take around 20 minutes each, the trick is to make lots of mistakes and click on any answer if you're not sure!
"How to use the games" video...

Telling the time
Months of the Year
Country names
Left & Right
Shopping Japanese,
Body Parts ( My .... hurts)
North, East, South & West
What's your favourite...?"
Describing Words
Action Words
+ katakana games 1, 2, 3 & 4
+ hiragana games 1, 2, 3 & 4
+ Free Katakana Workbook
hiragana worksheets

If you're a teacher in Japan, your students might like the original versions of these games.

Japanese Food Videos

Festival Food

Japanese Lunch

Japanese Dinner

Nagashi Soumen

How to eat sushi

Breakfast Cereals

Japan Cake Shops


Noodles: Udon


Izakaya Food

Rooftile Noodles


Nagoya Ungai

Cool Japan Videos

Some videos of some of the more unusual, but cool, things you see as you travel round Japan!

Festival Dance

Japanese Hotel

Japanese Futon

Techno Toilet


Japanese Candy

Whose Clothes?

China Town

Ninja Staircase

Japanese Drums

Mini Festival

Japanese Glassware

Japan Kaleidoscope

Japanese Sunset

Cherry Blossoms

My Favorite Japanese Materials Reviews

Here are my reviews of some of the better materials out there for learning Japanese.
All of them are good, if you bought them all your Japanese would be amazing!

Michel Thomas


Rosetta Stone

Rocket Japanese


Living Language

Traditional Japan

O-koto page
Using Flash technology, have a go at playing this traditional Japanese instrument on your computer!

This month in Japan

Find out what happens in Japan in:
January - February - March - April- May - June - July
- August - September - October - November - December

Also see the Travel Japan page

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