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Michel Thomas Japanese Review

In two words; Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

Well OK, that was 8 words, but the Michel Thomas method is the best method of learning any language full stop. I speak several languages, including fluent Japanese and I'm a huge Michel Thomas fan and it's amazing that we finally have a version for Japanese.

This isn't some "talking phrasebook", this course actually teaches you how to speak Japanese starting with a few keywords then gradually adding more and more until you can come out with some amazing phrases.

The whole focus of the method is on sitting back, relaxing and letting the teacher, on the CDs, take all the responsibility. It really works and whenever I learn a new language the Michel Thomas course is always the first one I go for.

In fact the first time I ever used the course was the French version where after about an hour my brother was coming out with phrases like "So tell me, what do you think of the political and economic situation in France at the moment?" Of course you'd never be able to understand the answer, but the fact that you can build up a whole question like that in such a short space of time is amazing. Now the Japanese one doesn't quite get so complicated so fast, but it is still, by far and away, the best method for learning Japanese.

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Be genki,


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