April/May 2000 Newsletter

Yes, we have finished the Genki English CD!!! Thanks to everyone who has mailed me about the songs, and to all the people who have downloaded them! So for the past 4 weeks I've been putting together a special kind of CD that I'm sure will be great for your kids' English. Basically it's 7 very genki songs, complete with Karaoke versions, and a special CD ROM section, similar to the "Warm up game" from last month! This is a brilliant way for your kids to practice English on their own! Full details are on the Songs/CD page

And I've also changed the page a bit! First off, I've roped in William Jasprizza to help me with some of the content and promotion of the page. Will is a 3rd member of the Japanese Government's JET programme and is soon to be headed off to China (lucky thing!)

We've also got a groovy domain new name (yeah, I know the old one was too long, but thanks for telling me anyway!), the new address is www.genkienglish.com . If you don't know what "Genki" means, then check out my new guide to Japan - called "Genki Japan" - and you'll find out!!

So,,,, what else is new....

To celebrate the launch of the CD we have another MP3 track to download. This time it's the "What's your name?" song! It's very lively, the kids love it and it has a cool dance/game to go with it! I've used it in all my lessons in the past 2 weeks, from first year elementary (I even had a "sankanbi" - where the parents come and join the class!!), through 6th Year Elementary and even First Year Junior High!! They loved it!


This is a special bonus game that I'm putting only on the newsletter. It's called the "Rocket Game"! It's perfect for new first year students or kindergarten kids when you meet them outside of the class (at lunchtime etc.). You simply lift them up in the air like a rocket launching. BUT, they first of all have to ask you "Rocket game please", they then have to count down from 5 to 1 (in English of course), then you lift them up! It's great as they have to use the English and really want to try it out. If they all get good at this (and hence you get tired from lifting all these kids!), then make them count from 10 to 1.

Of course this idea is used entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any consequences that might occur!

** BONUS GAME 2 **

This is another bonus game just for the newsletter! It's called "The Beach Game". It's the follow-up to the "Titanic game", and is similar to Hangman. You draw a "desert" island on the board (you know the one I mean, the one with a pile of sand and a single coconut tree!). You draw Leo on the island. Play something like the ball and music game . If the kids get the question wrong, the water level rises! First it comes half way up the beach, then it covers the beach (Leo then moves up the tree). etc. etc. The kids' mission is to save Leo from drowning!! You can also give bonus marks of life jackets, that can be used instead of the water level rising!! This game is works great in junior high!

**Teaching Hint **

Try doing the Warm up game. Then pretend you are tired and ask one of the kids to stand in for you. They come to the front, become the teacher (good confidence practice for them!) and shout out the "Stand up", "Jump" etc. instructions to the rest of the class! New words: try "cry" and "haircut"!

OK, hope you like the page this month. Believe me I really wish I had thought of doing the songs before, they just take the lessons onto a whole new level! If your school decides to buy a full class set of CDs then the kids practice at home and they advance SOOOOO quickly!!

Good luck,

Be Genki


Richard J. Graham
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities

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