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Earworms Rapid Japanese Review

I must say I quite like the Earworms Rapid Japanese series and I actually bought this CD for my Mum when she wanted a quick way to learn some Japanese phrases.

It's not an in depth programme like Michel Thomas Japanese or Pimsleur Japanese, which I would say are both much more effective than this course, but it's a step up from the majority of the "talking Japanese phrasebooks" courses that are out there.

The core of the CD is that you learn anything, including Japanese, much quicker if you add some music to it. The great quote they use is of Australian Aborigines who can remember how to traverse huge expanses of terrain purely from songs.

This sounds all very good in theory, but in practice what the Rapid Japanese people have done is basically taken a set of musical backing tracks and just spoken over the top. I know this because I've also bought the Portuguese and Chinese versions and it's the exact same music! I guess that says how much I like the CDs, they're sort of an easy way to listen, a CD to play over and over as you go to sleep. But they're not songs like the Genki Japan songs that have real melodies, it would have been great if they were!

Over all it's not in the same league as Michel Thomas Japanese or Pimsleur Japanese but is worthwhile as an additional extra for those who are serious about Japanese, or as a sole course for those of you who only want to learn a few words for your next trip to Japan. Personally I just treat it like buying a normal music CD, it's a bit of fun where you also get a bit of Japanese!

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