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Rosetta Stone Japanese Review

I'm sort of in two minds about the "Rosetta Stone Japanese" In one way lots of research and testimonials say it works, and I think they are probably correct. But it's also quite expensive and has, in my view, one big flaw.

So unlike Michel Thomas Japanese or Pimsleur Japanese which I would recommend 100%, for Rosetta Stone Japanese I'd say try before you buy!

The course itself is a computer course which works well in linking visuals with the sounds. You basically play a series of games, sort of like the Genki Japan games on here but not as "fun", which keep adding in new words and phrases as you learn the previous ones. In this respect it works really well.

But the main problem is that it doesn't give you any translations. For simple things like names of things or simple actions, that's no problem. But when I tried to learn another language that I didn't know using Rosetta Stone I often got the complete wrong end of the stick and what I thought the meaning was, was in fact completely wrong and the words meant something else! This is quite a big flaw in the system as far as I'm concerned. But if you have another course on hand to teach you the meanings then you can progress very quickly with Rosetta Stone. So "have a try and see what you think" is my advice, you may love it, or you may not!

They have a full-on CDROM course and also on-line courses, they are a bit pricey, but they have free trials which are certainly worth looking at.

Click here for more or buy now.

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