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Welcome to and a whole series of German songs and ideas to make learning German fun.

"Genki" is a Japanese word meaning "fun", "exciting" and "full of life" and that's just what these songs are.

These ideas are based on the very successful site which the Daily Yomiuri Newspaper headlined as "Taking Primary Schools by Storm". There is also GenkiMaths, GenkiKorean & GenkiJapan.

Try the ideas out in your classrooms, and let me know how you get on!

Be genki,

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Genki German Songs & Games

Warning: These songs will stick in your head all day!
Learn on the train, on your
iPod or in the car.
Download MP3s of:
Wieviel kostet das? song
Wie heisst du? song
Links und Rechts song
Hallo, wie geht's? song
Danke song

All for only $4.99

or the English versions are on Genki English vol. 1

If you have any feedback about the site then I'd love to hear it. Please get in touch.

If you find the songs & games useful, I'll try and put some more on the site.

Be genki,


Learn German for free with songs & games

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