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Rooms of the House -
Where is Baby Monkey?

Target Language: rooms of the house, kitchen, bedroom etc.
Target Grade: All ages
This song is in the Teacher's Set
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Click the pictures, hear them talk!

This lesson was a theme requested by teachers. Most of the words are really easy so it's already become a big hit in many classrooms!

"Where is Baby Monkey?"
by Richard Graham

Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?

Is he in the kitchen?
(Is he in the kitchen?)
Is he in the living room?
(Is he in the living room?)
Is he in the bathroom?
(Is he in the bathroom?)
Is he in the bedroom?
(Is he in the bedroom?)

Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?

Is he in the dining room?
(Is he in the dining room?)
Is he in the garage?
(Is he in the garage?)
Is he in the attic?
(Is he in the attic?)
Is he in the garden?
(Is he in the garden?)

Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?

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Look around in the chorus, then get the kids to think of mimes for each room of the house.

This song links well with the other "Where" songs such as Where is Mr Monkey?, Where are you going?, Where are you from? and of course Where, where, where.

Recommend Game 1: Clue Detective!

There are many simple games you can play with this song, but for for a slightly higher level game, try this one...

1. Teach the "Where is Baby Monkey?" song ( and also make sure you've done the "Monkey Family" song in a previous lesson.)

2. Print out one set of rooms of the house and monkey family mini cards.

3. Secretly put one family member and one room in an envelope and keep it at the front of the class.

4. Hand out the remainder of the mini cards to the kids. ( Put the kids in groups of 4 or 5 for larger classes). Everyone keeps their cards secret!

5. Do a simple review type quiz of today's, and previous weeks', new English.

6. The group who answered correctly get to guess what is in the envelope. For example they say "Is Grandma Monkey in the dining room?".

7. If a group has either Grandma Monkey or the Dining Room they shout out "No!" ( because of course if they have the card it can't be in the envelope). The point is they don't say which card they have, so you only know that it is either Grandma Monkey or the Dining Room.

8. Continue from 5 until the envelope contents are figured out!

You may have heard of this game before, it's basically "Clue" or "Cluedo" and this simplified version works a treat in reviewing both family members and the new rooms of the house. If it does become too easy, you could try the new Rabbit Brothers and Sisters from the "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" theme for more variations and hence a longer game. Or even better add in the "What are you doing?" cards where the kids then have to ask "Is ( family member) (verb) in the ( room of the house)" e.g. "Is Mr Monkey fishing in the kitchen?" - the stranger the sentence the more the kids laugh!

Recommend Game 2

Or you could make your own super large board game, like Flossy has done in this excellent video!

Bonus Game Idea

With the software you can also do this fun little bonus activity!

And if you have done the Under, on, in lesson before you can mix the two themes together to ask things like "Where is the bathroom?" "It's next to the bedroom" etc.

House things picture cards

Here are individual A4 picture cards of the background items in the "Rooms of the House" theme. So here you go, 49 brand new picture cards!

You can link it in with the "Where is baby monkey?" question by asking things like "Where is the sofa?" and the kids have to shout out "It's in the living room!" etc. The files are for VIP Members and are saved in pdf format which means you can enlarge them with no loss of quality or put several on one sheet of paper.

The names of these items often varies between countries (or families even) so I've left them without any text:

saucepan, casserole dish, microwave, toaster, tin, oven, washing machine, kitchen sink, cup, widescreen TV, video game, banana tree lamp, sofa, bath, bathroom sink, window, toilet, shampoo etc., toothbrush & toothpaste, bunk beds, wardrobe, cupboard, pillow, teddy bear, books, make up, clothes, doll, CD player, dining table, dining chairs, light, saw, hammer, garden spade, garden fork, spanner, screwdriver, rocking horse, a green box, mirror, pictures, a red box, tree house, lawnmower, a snail & a slug, bunny rabbit, worm,

Evaluation Worksheet (What's this?)

You can find this song in the Teacher's Set.

Readers' Comments

by Flossy in Austria

They liked the game and enjoyed singing the song. There was only one downside with the animation for this song. Baby Monkey appears in the washing machine and the same day an article in a local paper had reported an incident (don't know where in the world) where a baby had been put in a tumble dryer! I did not read it myself, but the children said they thought it was not so good for younger children to see this. I said I would warn all children they should never pick a dangerous hiding place. This is just the same as the warning for the pond in the Easter song. I know as a teacher you have to be so careful with the material you expose the children to, so maybe its worth talking to them about this.

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