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Trick or Treat
It's a Monster Halloween!

Target English: more Halloween fun for when you've done the Happy Halloween song
Target grade: All ages - but maybe a little scary for the very young ones!
You can get this song in the Teacher's Set

There are two versions of this song in the Teacher's Set, a very safe one and the rather scary one below! Warning: This scary version is very scary!

"Trick or Treat"
by Richard Graham

Trick or Treat?
It's Halloween
Trick (No thanks!)
Or Treat (Yes, please!)
It's Halloween.

Scarecrow Soup
Skeleton Steak
Monster Mash
Pirate Pancakes

(Repeat Chorus)

Black Cat Cookies
Pumpkin Pie
Spider Spaghetti
Ice Cream Eyes!

(Repeat Chorus)

Graveyard Gravy
Tombstone Tea
Frankenstein Frankfurters
Zombie Zucchini

(Repeat Chorus)

NOTE: The "Cute" version doesn't include the final verse.

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The original Happy Halloween song has been insanely popular. However once you've done it for 2 or 3 years in a row you probably need something new.

So here's the next step, two Trick or Treat songs, both packed full of alliteration, rhyme and Monster Fun!

There are two versions, the cute "have a happy halloween" one for very young kids or to put older kids off the scent before you hit them with the full on scary, beat mashing, terror inducing "Monster Halloween" version!

You can get them in the Teacher's Set

How to teach....

Although this is a higher level than most Genki English songs, the foods are all easy for kids in most countries. Hence it's just the Halloween words that are new.

Take Home Printables.

For Halloween Parties it's always great to take something home, so here are some VIP Members Exclusive Crosswords, Word Jumbles & Word Searches. The ones with 8 words are for the "cute" version of the song, the ones with 12 words are for the "scary" version.

Or try the stickers...

Or Halloween masks!

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Plus Halloween Imagination Worksheets:

And for some gestures, check out this amazing video from the teachers and kids at Playground English!

There are also my other Hallowe'en Ideas, the Happy Halloween song and the...

Halloween Picture Book

Happy Halloween

You can also find all the Genki English Hallowen printables in these two ebooks:

Teachers Halloween Book Kids Halloween Book

Readers' Feedback

by Julian

As so often happens, I was suddenly asked to teach an extra 6th grade class today. No problem, when you've got an epic GenkiEnglish song to hand! Roughly, here's what I did, if anyone is interested! Apologies if Ifm stating the obvious too much:

Quick run through of previous Halloween song's vocab. Line game.

Agree that it was too easy for them now....introduce new vocab.

Go through standard flashcards (scarecrow etc) checking they understand those.

Agree that they aren't really very unpleasant.

Slowly reveal the soup version of the scarecrow card. Cue noises of disgust.

Work through the first few in the same way. Growing noises of disgust and thrill.

Get them to spot the alliterations, and start to get them to suggest the words before I show the card. Worked very well!

Finally, all the cards are on the board. Quick check again.

Tell them I have a song and play the beginning of the 'happy' version. Stop after the intro chorus and check 'Trick or Treat'. There's always somebody who can explain it to those who don't know.

Play the first verse. Stop it again and ask if it is really scary enough. Of course not!

Play the monster version. Stop after the chorus and get them to notice the change in the line (happy ?> monster)

Play the whole song, amid squeals of laughter, groans and more noises of disgust!

They loved it!

When it was time for them to sing it, I explained that the homeroom teacher and I were going to be walking around and listening carefully. Anyone not singing loud enough would be touched by the Zombie Hand and instantly become zombies! The zombies had to walk around, zombie-style, listening and making new zombies. It got a bit chaotic, but was a hit, as a bit of fun.

We ended up with a shopping game (theyfve been doing that recently) with them buying 'delicious' food from my cafe. Behind the cards were plus or minus points and the occasional 'bomb' to wipe out their score. This was useful, as a bomb could wipe out a minus score too, bringing them back to zero! That was popular!

Happy Halloween all right!

Sorry, this became a bit of an epic itself. Hopefully, somebody out there will find something useful in it.

Readers' Feedback

by Rosebud

I did the theme with two of my classes today. It was absolutely fantastic. The kids just loved it.

For the "trick" part we put our left leg and left arm forward, then for the "treat", right leg and right arm, then for the "Happy Halloween or Monster Halloween" part we walked with arms stretched out, hands curved down and legs bent and apart like a monster. The kids really had a blast.

So that the kids wouldn't be scared by the zombie picture I kept it back and said that I couldn't show it to them as they would be too scared. Naturally, they all said "No, we won't", I pretended to think about it and said, okay, come closer. They came closer and I said No, you'll all cry, they obviously said No we won't again. This went on for some time until they were begging me to show it them, so I got them as close as possible and then turned the card over and at the same time jumped up and shouted Arrghh. Which made them all jump and scream. They loved it. This worked perfectly with all my groups and guaranteed they weren't scared.

For the little kids to finish up with I hid a card in the room and they had to find it by me helping by saying "warmer, colder" etc. We also managed to quickly make a scary ghost paper chain for them to take home with them.

With the second group, I squeezed in the apple bobbing song as well. We've had so much fun today. Thanks Richard for doing it so quickly. -

Readers' Feedback

by Margit

I had my first graders listen to the "Trick or Treat" song today.  I especially like the refrain;  so that was what I mainly wanted them to get before we do our Halloween.

Well, as you say, the scary version is very scary and soon one girl was wondering whether she cold sleep at night.
But that's kind of okay because kids like it a bit scary.
What I really thought as problem is the last part.  The father of one of the girls died last year.  So when she saw the graveyard and the tombstone she did a few steps back.  I should have thought of this before.  I'm always careful when teaching family members,  but this time I just didn't think this far.
So I personally think it would be great to have the song without that last part.  It's actually long enough without, I think.
And the question scary or cute:  I find for little kids, up to maybe 3rd grade the cute one is better.  6,7 is a really sensitive time, my daughter recently asks a lot about everything having to do with death, and my sons did so, when they were that age.  So it doesn't need to be too scary. -   Margit

Hi Margit, I had the same concerns when I was researching for the song. It's also the reason the cute version of the song only has the first two verses, so you should be able to use that one OK!
- Richard

You can get this song in the Teacher's Set

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