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June/July 2000  

The big news this month is that you can at last buy the Genki English CD even if you live outside Japan!  We're sorry it's taken so long, but now everyone can enjoy the CD! Check out the songs page!

If you want to teach the names of family members, such as Brother, Sister, Mother etc. we have "The Monkey Family" online. Mr Monkey (from the What's your name song) has become quite popular!  This file is huge, and as such won't be on the page for long, so try it out now!  There is a movie style intro, a guide to the names of family members and a groovy quiz! 

We were also sent a groovy online Janken, "paper, scissors, stone" game. This can be quite useful in class, and it's a lot of fun!

Also check out Genki English on Japan's NHK TV network on Monday July 3rd!

Oh, and we also got a Teacher's Net award- thank you!


We've been on the road again, doing 2 more Genki English shows!  Well done everyone, and if you know any Japanese schools that might be interested in getting a visit from some very genki teachers then send us a mail!!


When playing the ball and music game, try passing round an inflatable globe. That way you can ask the question "Where is (+ a country's name)?" . This works really well! Or why not try combining the ball and music game with the Criss-Cross game. You pass the ball around whilst playing the music. When the music stops the person with the ball gets asked a question and if they are correct all the kids directly in front of and behind them get to sit down! The next time it's all the kids to the left and right that sit down. This gets very fun towards the end where two people are passing the ball between them! Also try using an inflatable microphone (from Japanese 100 yen shops!) instead of a ball!


BONUS GAME (for people outside Japan!)

Why not try the Japanese game of "Shiritori".  A good way to play it is to split the kids into, say, 4 teams.  The front person from each team comes to the board and writes a word.  The next kid in each team then comes forward and writes another word.  BUT, this word must begin with the final letter of the previous word!!  And continue on......  Fun!

You can also try this in music lessons (no relation to English I know!). The teacher plays a melody and the next student has to play an original melody that begins with the note that the teacher finished on!

BONUS IDEA (For Japan)

Print out the following picture and show it to your kids.  Ask them to look carefully and they should find something strange.  

Click for explanation in Japanese!

Spotted it yet?   Any ideas why your kids might find it strange? Well, the date is July 7th.  And I'm wearing a leather Jacket.  Japanese should find this very strange as July in Japan is way too hot for anything other than a T-shirt! By the way July 7th is the Tanabata Star Festival in Japan.  (And did you know that we just got an asteroid named after our town, "Tamagawa" to commemorate our NASA Nearlink project!!!)

This month we were also told about a cool site that makes Japanese Kamaishibai story boards.  They are a cool way to introduce Japanese culture to different countries and there are now versions in English so you could use them in English classes in Japan! The address is 

Also, keep checking back to the homepage during the month as I'll be updating and adding new things as soon as I finish them!!

Look out in late August for our update featuring ideas for your first lesson!

And by the way I finish teaching on the JET programme on the 21st of July!  My 3 years are up - sob, sob.  So maybe next month's update will be a little late!  But thank you to everyone in Ehime and Tamagawa - I've had the best time!

Ok, see you later, 

Be genki, 


Richard J. Graham 
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 


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