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August/September 2000

Hello and welcome to a new term and a big new update for Genki English!! Whilst I've been working this month, I've been popping in to say "Hello!" to my friends' new baby boy! Thinking about how babies learn to speak can really help with your language teaching. My friends are constantly talking to their new baby, making things simple and repeating everything over and over. Don't teach your kids like babies, but learning in context, whilst smiling and enjoying yourself is the best way!

Anyway, back to this month's update!

Genki English goes video!! Yes, we now have  real video footage on the page! The first movie I've got is an introduction for the new teachers who will start teaching in Japan in September (good luck!). But in Japan we don't actually teach "English", what we teach is "International Understanding", wanna know what that means? Check out the article, here! There is also a page called "Your first day at elementary school"

I also have a video of the "How Much?" song. It's tricky to explain in words, but with the video you can see exactly what's going on! In the future I plan to add video for as many of the games that I can - that way they are much easier to understand!!

This Month's Games
This month's update is pretty big to say the least! A few weeks ago I uploaded 2 interactive games that your kids can actually play on the homepage - The animals quiz and The Colours quiz! Kids love them!!

I also have the Flag Game, a really simple game, but perfect for a first visit to a class!

Discussion Board!

We now have our very own discussion board! If you have any questions, want to ask or offer advice, then check it out! This will turn into a great resource where people can discuss lesson ideas and games, as well as problems or anything else you want to talk about!! We've just started and so need your help to get it going,  have a go and introduce yourselves!!

 Clip Art

I seem to have had more mails about clip art than anything else this month, everyone seems busy preparing during the summer holidays!! I mostly recommend the Microsoft web site, simple download their pictures and get them laminated!! But not all the words you'd want to teach are covered there, so I've taken some of the pictures from the Genki English CDs and put them on a special clip art page. You'll find ideas for teaching the weather, "How are you?", "How old are you?" (featuring the Alien Kids!) and the Monkey Family for teaching family names!

CD vol. 2

Well, I've spent the best part of this month designing the new Genki English CD!! It'll hopefully be ready for the end of September, but you can reserve your copy now by filling out the on-line order form!! The songs included feature "How old are you?", Fruit Market, "What time is it, Mr Wolf?", "What's your favourite colour?", "Where are you going?", "What are you doing?" and "The Monkey Family". All the songs have easy lyrics, catchy tunes and if you put the CD in a suitable computer there is a cool CD-ROM section with talking lyrics, pronunciation guides and  simple quizzes!! Check it out!!

There's also a new on-line order form for CD vol. I !

Hints and Tips

This month's hints and tips are all from readers of the page! The first two are from Lee Carragher, who is based at "the foot of Mt. Fuji"! His first game is similar to the Leapfrog game, but as he says it's a great way to finish a lesson! In Lee's own words....

1) Hebi Janken - Snake Janken.

Make a couple of extra flash cards with pictures of a snake's head and tail.
Place the words you want to practice on the floor in a wavy line to make your snake.
Split the kids into two teams. One team starts from the head and one from the tail.
The first two teams members walk along and say each word as they go.
When they two team member meet they Janken. The winner continues along the snake, the loser goes back to their team and the next member starts.
Whenever a team member reaches the end of the snake they get one point.
It's a great way to finish a lesson. Encourage the waiting team members to help each other then all of the kids are involved and thinking.

2) Irouni - Colour Tag

Very easy and effective as a lower grade warmer.

The teacher starts as the 'oni' and shouts a colour. The kids have to touch something that colour to be safe. Catch a kid and they become the 'oni'.

Lee Carragher

At the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Thanks very much! If anyone else has any great games ideas, please post them on our message board!!

Hints and tips 2!

This hint comes from Amy Cooper who is now working in Ehime. You have a "Vocab Basket" in the corner of each classroom. When you teach a new word, you put a copy of it (either written down, or a small picture card) in the basket. Then at the beginning of each lesson one of the kids has to pull out a word at random and say it out loud! You could choose the kid randomly, or play something like Criss Cross to determine who picks the word! If you leave the basket in the class then the kids can practice when you're not there - just in case they get picked next time!!

Genki English in the news

We've been in quite a few publications this month! First of all was a write up in the ELT News ( newsletter. Then we were in the UK newspaper, the T&A (with the title "Richard has a yen for Web TV station" !!). And last week in Japan we were in (big breath!) the Yomiru, Mainichi and national Asahi newspapers!!! Keep a look out for us in September too!

And finally

So that's it for this month! Next month we start our tour of Japan, going round elementary schools giving some very Genki English shows. Plus we are also doing our free training seminars. These are not just for primary school teachers, private teachers or anybody else can also attend!! What us to come to your town? See the page for details!

See you later,

be genki,


Richard J. Graham 
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