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October 2002

Welcome to October and a whole feast of free new goodies on the site! CD volume IV is just about ready for release so to celebrate we're going to be giving away a whole host of new flash cards, a brand new MP3 song and if you have the previous CDs you'll be able to get your hands on the CD4 worksheets for free! If you want to reserve your copy of CD4 now, you can do so at http://genkienglish.net/order.htm or you can wait and come along to our launch party in Tokyo on November 16th.

New song "Doctor Doctor"

As is the tradition when we launch a new CD, we give away one of the songs as an MP3. This time it's the very funky "Doctor, Doctor!". This song is just great for teaching body parts, and goes great with the "Doctor, Doctor Game" ( http://genkienglish.net/doctor.htm ).

Check out the song at:

(But just remember you won't be able to get it out of your head later!)

You can also check out the animated version of the song from the software section of the CD, it's great fun!

New Flashcards for body parts, jobs, animals and much more!

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be uploading the A4 flash cards for most of the songs from CD4. The topics will be "Rock, Paper, Scissors", "Animals", "Body Parts", "Jobs", "Classroom things" and "Christmas". Thanks to all the people who've given me feedback about these cards over the last few months, I'm really glad the kids like them so much (even if they do laugh sometimes!)

New worksheets.

If you order the set of 4 CDs (or the new "Super Pack" with the 4 CDs and the teacher training video), you'll get a printed copy of our Worksheets book for free. But as a thank you to the people who have bought the previous Genki English CDs, you can download the new worksheets for free from the website. They'll be online early next week and you'll need your CDs handy to get the password!

So what's on CD4?

Good question! There are 16 music tracks on CD4, with 8 songs and 8 karaoke versions. The full titles are:
1. Rock, Paper, Scissors ("English janken" hip hop style!)
2. Doctor, Doctor! (body parts)
3. Animals (I think you can guess this one!)
4. What do you do? (jobs)
5. Where, where, where? (Funky Merengue track for asking where things are)
6. Bigger, please! (Bit of shopping English anyone?)
7. My name is Mr Octopus (a fun "cute" song!)
8. Genki Christmas (one of the top downloads last Christmas)

And this time the software section is just amazing, especially the new talking "Mini-Lessons" and animations for each of the songs, a bit like a mini MTV! Have a look here for more details of the software:

CD4 will be released on November 10th, and if you pre-order your copy now you'll get Post and Packing for FREE! So it'll only cost you 4200 yen! Or if you pre-order the set of 4 CDs it will only cost you 16,800 yen! We'll take your order and the CDs will be sent off on the launch date, you simply pay Cash on Delivery!
The order page is here:


Want to see all the dances and actions?

We're going to be having a huge presentation at Maruzen Bookstore in Nihonbashi Tokyo on Saturday November 16th and at Maruzen in Okayama on Saturday November 23rd. We'll go through all the new songs with the all the new dances and gestures, plus you can try out the software. The event will be open to teachers or parents and also kids! It'll be more like a free show than a seminar, so if you have any Elementary school age students, bring them along! At Tokyo for the first time you'll also be able to buy Genki English T-shirts! There might also be a few surprises and freebies!!

JET Mid Year / Live Events

We had an amazing time in Ibaraki over the weekend, you guys rock! And we'll be doing more JET programme Mid-Year Conferences over the next few weeks. We're still waiting for confirmation for some of them, but the tenative dates are:

Okayama November 22nd
Gunma November 26th/27th
Toyama 3rd/4th December
CIR Mid-Year December 10th
Hokkaido December 11th 12th

We'll also be at Elementary schools in Ishikawa on December 5th, Nagasaki on November 28th and at the Matsuyama festival in Ehime on November 24th. Check out the schedule page for more details:

And finally,

Right, that's it! Enjoy the new things on the website, and also CD4. I had a great time making it and everyone has loved it so far, I'm sure your students will too!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham  B.Sc. AMInstP
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities 
Email: richard@genkienglish.net


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