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EFL ESL Games for Small Groups!

All of the games on this page are great for small groups of between 2-10 students. For bigger groups, see the Elementary School Games page.

Also have a look at the Genki English Computer Games which work great in small groups!

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First choose a theme ( or pick one from your textbook) then a game to practise it.

Vocab practice games

Misc. EFL ESL Games

Joel Bacha's Curriculum GuideBook featuring even more ESL games

And there are even more ESL games ideas in Joel Bacha's Curriculum Guide Book


Once you have taught the kids using the Genki English Songs, games are a great way for kids to practise the language in the classroom. 

Some advantages of ESL games are
1) They provide extra motivation to learn the target language - learn the new language, win the game!
2) They allow the kids to practice with their peers
3) The lessons become less teacher orientated and more student orientated!

And the biggest advantage is that they are FUN!!

The kids want to learn more so that they can try new games! But remember that a game for a game's sake is no good - choose a game that will let them practice their target language.  If it's too easy or too difficult it won't be very effective!

Sometimes kids might get fed up if they lose a game, or other kids might tease the losers , in this case you must teach the kids the golden rule of games!

"Losing" doesn't mean "losing". The real meaning of the word is that you get another chance to try again!! You never fail until you stop trying!!!

If everyone is having fun, everyone is a winner!

Nearly all of these games are illustrated with photos of them being used in the classroom.  For teachers in Japan there are translations into Japanese - simply hand a copy to your teacher!

But it's not just for teaching ESL or English, nearly all these games work great for teaching ANY language!

Have a look at my lesson plan page to see how to fit these games into your classes!

Or for an academic look at the advantages of using games in class, have a look at Joel Bacha's paper on "Play and Affect in Language Learning"

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