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February 2005

Hello from sunny, if a little chilly, Spain. I hope things are going well where you are and that you had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday. Work is coming on nicely here for the next set of Genki English themes, one of which is ready and on the site for you right now...

Genki English Easter Theme: New Song, A4 Flashcards & Minicards

Until now there hasn't been a Genki English Easter theme. This is because Genki English is mainly used in elementary schools, where in most countries Easter is a holiday. But I've had many requests from teachers who teach English privately for something a little special for this time of year! Ever willing to help people out, here it is!

As this theme is more likely to be used with younger and smaller groups of kids I've slowed it right down, and made it a little lighter than the other songs. This song also tells a story of looking for an Easter Egg in various different places and has a nice little twist at the end which younger kids should find amusing! It's a great starting point for learning garden and around the house words, and it's a great springboard to getting the kids to either make up their own versions of the song or indeed a real Easter Egg Hunt.

This theme was added to the site at the request of teachers like yourself, so if you have any comments, feedback, or other requests then please let me know!

You can download all the whole theme ( song, A4 cards and mini-cards) here:

This month's Newsletter Game: Easter Ideas

Not quite a new game, but here are a list of activites that can be fun for Easter Lessons, starting with some of the classics.

Colouring Easter Eggs:
Either real eggs or drawn on a piece of paper, shout out the colours to put on the egg. Also good for names of shapes e.g. "Draw a red square", "Draw an orange circle" etc.

Prepositions Easter Egg Hunt:
Hide a real Easter egg somewhere in the classroom. You ask the kids "Where's the Easter egg?". The kids reply with "Is it under/on/near/next to the ....". You reply with "Warmer or Colder" depending on how near they are. The winner gets to keep the egg ( and share with their friends of course!).

Do you have a pink egg?
Try the "Do you have ...?" game ( http://genkienglish.net/DoUHave.htm ) but have the kids collect different coloured Easter eggs.

How many eggs?:
Fill a big jar with mini Easter eggs and ask the kids how many are in the jar. Great for big numbers! Or you could use it for practising weights and measures, e.g. "How many grams do you think it is?"

Broken Easter Eggs:
Try a similar game to the Valentine's Broken Hearts game ( http://genkienglish.net/valentinebrokenheart.htm ) But instead of broken hearts, have broken Easter Eggs!

Plus of course you can play all the usual Genki English games with the Easter A4 cards and mini cards.

New "Passport Stickers"

Lot's of people have written in asking for stickers, instead of an evaluation sheet ( http://genkienglish.net/evaluationsheets.htm ) , to give the kids when they have completed a theme. I haven't figured out a way to get actual sticky "stickers" to you, but here are a sheet of small pictures that you can then print out, cut up and using some glue, stick in the kids' passports ( http://genkienglish.net/Passport.htm ) !
Stickers: http://genkienglish.net/members.htm#stickers.htm

New Sentence Flashcards

The Genki English picture cards obviously help with the new vocab introduced in the song, but it can also be useful to write up on the board the main question as well. This isn't reading practice, but simply a memory aid for the kids. To make this a little easier for you, on the site there are now A4 flashcards of all the words used in all the songs. Simply print them out and pop them on the board. The good thing about using cards is that it makes it easier for the kids to recognise some of the words that come up in many songs, e.g. "What", "How" etc. This is a key skill, showing kids how different blocks of Englsh can be used and rebuilt to make new sentences. As many of these words are some of the most often used words in English and often cannot be learnt through phonics, they are great to use as flashcards in the games.


Presentations in Kyoto ( March 12th) & Fukuoka (March 13th)

I'll be back in Japan in March doing presentations in Kyoto and Fukuoka as part of the Maruzen Kids Club Tour. I'll be going through lots of new stuff, and also some of the brand new CD5 themes and songs.
The Kyoto event has a fee of 500 yen and you need to register ( in Japanese ) in advance for both presentations.
The contact number for Kyoto is: "Yosho Floor" 075-241-2169
And for Fukuoka: "Yosho Floor" 092-731-9042

See what's new straight away!

If any of you use the new Firefox web browser ( http://www.firefox.com ) you can now add a button to the menu bar that shows you what's new on GenkiEnglish.com without having to visit the site

It's really useful and is dead simple to set up:

1. Go to http://www.GenkiEnglish.com . In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you'll see an orange icon.
2. Click on it.
3. Select "subscribe to RSS"
4. Set the "create in" option to be "Bookmarks Toolbar folder"
5. Click on OK.

Now when you load up your browser you can simply click on the GenkiEnglish button and a list will drop down with all the updates on the site! So you don't need to actually visit the site to see if there is anything new.
You can also add this RSS feed to your "My Yahoo" so you can see what's new on the site from there. The address of the feed is http://genkienglish.net/rss.xml

I'm sure this will help people out, and if any of you would like to add this RSS feed to your own website ( to always have some changing content, for example) then please feel free to do so.

And Finally,

Right, that's it for this month, hopefully there's enough material to keep you going for another couple of weeks.
Good luck with the Easter Theme, it is a lot of fun!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities
Email: newsletter@genkienglish.net

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.
Now put the foundations under them.

--Henry David Thoreau

Oh, and if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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