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Genki English Newsletter June 2006

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1. Game of the Month: World Cup Football
2. Phonics " a b c" Song
3. Pic Packs A&B
4. For the World Cup: Genki German
5. Mix 'n' Match Student Packs
6. And Finally ( + Da Vinci Code Game ) .....


It's nearly June, but there's been so much new stuff on the site I figured you'd want to hear about them as soon as possible. There's the Da Vinci Code game, some new phonics materials and details of another couple of Readers Games at the end. Enjoy...

1. This Month's Game: World Cup Football

It's the Soccer World Cup again, and here's a nice game to bring the excitement to your lessons. It's basically a scoring game that can be used with any of the other games on the site ( similar to the Spiderman game : http://genkienglish.net/spiderman.htm )

1. Draw a soccer pitch on the board.( e.g. something like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Football_pitch.png)
2. Put a cut out 2D ball (with a magnet on the back), in the middle.
3. In each goal put a famous football player from different teams. e.g. in Japan Beckham in one goal and Nakata in the other is a big hit!
4. Split the kids into two teams.
5. Ask the kids a question or even try giving them an answer such as "I live near the stadium." and they have to ask you a correct question.
6. Now move the ball one place farther away from the goal of the team who answered the question the quickest.
7. If the ball ends up in your opponent's goal, you win!

The ball starts on the middle line.
The next step is the outside of the center circle.
Then the semi circle outside the penalty box.
Then the penalty box.
Then the 6 yard box
And finally to the goal.
So if one team answers 5 questions in a row from the beginning they win. It sounds tricky, but check out the picture in the link above and it's easy to see. Usually the ball keeps getting passed backwards and forwards.

Normally the famous footballers in the goals don't actual do anything, they are just there to make the game more fun. But if you want you could get one kid from each team to do "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and if the team whose goal it is wins, their famous footballer makes an amazing save and the ball is put back in the middle. If you happen to have a lesson on a match day, it's great to play using that day's teams as you can pretend you are fortune telling the result.


2. Phonics " a b c " Song

The other day I popped into see the ACET teachers at their monthly meeting in Fukuoka. They are a great bunch of people with lots of energy and ideas. One of the ideas they presented was an "ABC" rap, which was really good. What shocked me though was that some teachers were still teaching beginners "Ay, Bee, See" instead of the phonics "ah, buh, kuh".

So I figured it might be a good idea to do a phonics "a b c" song to use instead of the conventional "A B C" song. The idea being that once the kids know the basic sounds ( as opposed to the "names") of the letters they can read, by some accounts, 80% of written English. I had a mess around today and got quite a nice little demo sorted out. It's not properly recorded yet, but if you'd like to have a look it's now on the site. http://genkienglish.net/phonicsabcsong.htm

Any feedback would be much appreciated and there'll hopefully be a high quality version for CD Owners Club members to download in the next couple of weeks.

3. Picture Card Packs A&B

Don't computers & printers just drive you mad? I had a workshop on Saturday and didn't have all my picture cards with me. So I started printing them out and just had problem after problem. The printer refused to work because one cartridge had run out, then everything was streaky, then the paper got jammed, then the corners were all blackened, then finally the printer refused to print anything in blue. I was not very happy. After being so frustrated I figured you must be too, so from this month we've split our professional ( i.e. not done on my printer) Printed Laminated Picture Card packs into two. This means it's a lot more affordable if, for example, you've already printed the picture cards for CDs 1 to 4 and only want to buy the CD5 & 6 picture cards. Full details are on the site:


4. For the World Cup, GenkiGerman.com

It's coming up to World Cup fever time again. This year it's in Germany, so if you fancy teaching a bit of German in your classes ( the kids always like to learn even a little bit of other languages), Rosebud from the Genki English Forum has very kindly translated the "Left & Right", "How much?" and "How are you?" songs and had them recorded by the German group the Zwischentone. They sound really good and you can download them from http://www.GenkiGerman.com

If you have any friends who teach German to kids you might want to tell them about GenkiGerman.com

5. Mix 'n' Match Student Packs

This month we've also upgraded the "Student Packs" system for you. The individual CDs are still half price, but instead of 15 copies of any one CD, if you are a CD Owners Club member you can now mix and match as many of the CDs as you like. e.g. get 3 copies of each CD and a copy of the new CD6 for yourself and still get the discount on all of them. You can sell the CDs onto the parents and keep the profit, or sell them at the reduced price and make everyone very happy. As long as the total is 15 CDs or more you'll get the discount from us. Your students are going to love you!


6. And Finally

Yesterday I put up a Da Vinci Mona Lisa Code game. http://genkienglish.net/davincicode.htm It's a good game for some phonics practice, just make sure none of your students will be offended by it.

Over the last few weeks readers have also sent in a Doraemon Game, a Mario Tracer Game and a Tron Game. Have a look on the "Readers Games" section of the Games page: http://genkienglish.net/games.htm.

I've also uploaded lots of new online games both to the Genki English site ( http://genkienglish.net/onlinegames.htm ) and also the GenkiJapan site ( http://genkienglish.net/genkijapan/shoppinginjapanese.htm ) - if you fancy learning a little Japanese.

I'm going to be on tour in Japan this month ( Kobe on the 24th May, Tokyo 6th June, Akita 14th-17th, Kagoshima 25th, Nagasaki July 8th) so I hope to see you soon, and of course there's much more to come on the site over the next few weeks including Days of the Week games, B5 flashcards, more crosswords & dominoes, World Cup games and a groovy new song. You can keep up to date with my daily blog, http://genkienglish.net/richardsdiary.htm

Right, that's it for this month, enjoy the new songs and games.

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
The Easy way to Teach.
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." - Leonardo da Vinci

And if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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