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Genki English Newsletter World Cup Special 2006

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1. "Come on, Come on!" - World Cup Song
2. World Cup Janken Game
3. Junior High Foxy Phonics
4. What's new & Finally...


Just one day to go before the big Japan vs. Brazil match, and here's a couple of great ideas to get the fever in your classrooms! If you're in Kagoshima this weekend I'll be demoing some of these ideas on Sunday at the JALT conference in the same building as the Jellybeans bookstore.

1. "Come on, Come on" Football Song

I wrote this song in Akita last week and the kids love it. You can now download it in mp3 format on the website. Basically all you do is sing and mime a set of soccer related words e.g.:

Kick, kick, kick
Head, head, head
Throw, throw, throw
Catch, catch, catch

Pass, pass, pass
Shoot, shoot, shoot
Save, save, save
Score, score, score.

The best bit is the chorus which is in a typical football style chant and gets the kids out of thinking that the Japanese "Ganbare" is "Fight" in English. "Come on, Come on! Come on, come on!"

It's a really simple song to do and is a nice warm up to any lesson.


2. World Cup Janken Game

This is a great game I heard of from the ACET teachers group in Fukuoka, whom I'm sure you'll want to thank very much when you try the game in class. You can of course change it for any sport or indeed any other English.

1. Print out ( and laminate if you can ) several (mini) flags from competing nations.
2. On the back of each flag have either a "rock", "paper", or "scissors".

3. Lay out the cards flag side up on the table.
4. One kid chooses a card and says "I'm from..." + the country on that card.
5. He / she picks up the card but doesn't look at the back.
6. Another kid chooses another card and says "I'm from..."
7. Both kids shout out the Janken rhyme i.e. "Rock, Paper, Scissors. 1 2 3!".
8. But instead of making a gesture they turn over their cards and see what gesture is on the back.
9. Rock blunts scissors, scissors cut paper and paper covers stone.
10. You can either give the winning country's team 3 points or 1 point for a draw. Or the winning kid can keep that card.

Total up the points at the end to see who is the World Cup Winner.

Make sure you have done the "Where are you from?" and "Rock, Paper, Scissors" songs before you try this theme, otherwise the kids will get lost, start cheating and forget all about any English. If they know the songs though, they'll be familiar with the English and be happy to use it.

You can choose any target English you like, "I'm from...", or even "I think ... will win" or "I want .... to win".
Of course if the kids don't say the English and just do the janken, it's an instant red card and they are out.

On the site there are some already prepared flags with janken symbols on the back to get you going.


3. Foxy Phonics Junior High School Course

If you teach in Junior High School, this new Junior High School phonics course is highly recommended. Instead of teaching "Ay, Bee, See" you basically teach "ah, buh, cuh" and hence the kids can read 80% of English. It is so effective in Junior High School you'll be shocked. This new AJET book, written by an ALT in Chiba, contains over 130 worksheets and spelling tests, themed to the JHS textbook and with explanations in Japanese to make lesson planning go as smooth as silk.


4. What's New & Finally

Other new things on the site include a set of new Days of the Week Picture cards. These new ones feature NASA photos of the planets and look very cool to say the least. Atley Jonas has also sent in his Borg and Week Long War games to go with them.

Jennifer Willett, an ALT and qualified teacher back home, has also sent in a great article about teaching Special Needs classes. We've also linked up to the Japanese Wikipedia so that you can print and show your teachers if they are not familiar with some of the different types of needs. ( There is usually very little training in Japan so Japanese teachers may be unfamiliar with certain symptoms)

Last month's Phonics "abc" song is now downloadable, and there's a new special "super slow" version if you're not too confident with phonics yet.

Plus there are new worksheets for Do you like...? ( http://genkienglish.net/doyoulike.htm ) and the "Where's the ...?" High School song ( http://genkienglish.net/wheresthe.htm ) and more cool games on the readers game section and online games page ( http://genkienglish.net/onlinegames.htm ).

Wow, I hope that's enough to keep you going for a while!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
The Easy way to Teach.
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities

'Sometimes in football you have to score goals.'
- Thierry Henry

And if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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