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Genki English Newsletter March 2007

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1. How many ... do you have? Song
2. Game of the Month
3. And finally...


I'm currently running a "Game of the Day" series on my blog, and the latest one is included here. Plus to celebrate the Academy Awards this week, we have a very special movie themed "How many ... do you have?" song just for you.

1. How many ... do you have? Song

To celebrate the Academy Awards this evening we interrupt our "Game a Day" series to present you with the all singing, all dancing "How many ... do you have?" song!

It's a lot more "cutesy" than the normal Genki Songs, so it's up on the site as a free bonus download for you. It should work great with younger kids, and the music is perfect for this week. But be warned, once you press the "song demo" button, you will have it running through your head all day!


2. Game of the Month: Disaster Movie

Author: Rick Y. Lee
level: Elementary
Target_English: Vocab

This is a very good and exciting game whenever you want to review vocabulary or target questions. Its especially useful when you first learn a new thing. The things you need are flashcards of your target English and several small pieces of paper (post it papers work great).


1. On the small pieces of paper, write number values: for younger kids write 1-5, for older you can use tens, hundreds, and even thousands.
2. However, on two or three pieces of paper, draw a disaster.
3. Now stick them to the back of the flashcards so the kids can't see it,
4. Put the flashcards on the board.

Playing the game

1. The kids come up a few at a time representing their teams.
2. They will point at a vocabulary card they know, say what it is, then take the card down.
3. They then take the paper from behind the card. The point values add up.
4. HOWEVER if they get a disaster card, all their cards get wiped out and their points become zero!!!

This game is incredibly exciting and kids get freaked out when they think there might be a disaster!

There's also the "Game of the Month" series on my blog which has Disaster, Number Golf & Barbarians & Romans.

3. And finally ...

There are lots of extra new things on the site this month, including lots more games for learning Japanese or Korean, and a much easier to find students games section. Have a look at the main page for all that's new. Plus coming later in the month, more Senior High lesson plans and the Easter theme!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
The Genki way to Teach.
Primary School English Games, Songs and Activities

And if you like the ideas in this newsletter, please feel free to pass it along to your friends!

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